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The Care-at-Home Service of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (IDEA) takes biological samples (e.g. blood) in emergency cases from children and adults, even on weekends and holidays throughout Athens.

The results of emergency tests are communicated to the patient and the treating physician by phone or email.

Taking of blood and other biological materials at home and the urgent implementation of the tests are provided as always at reasonable cost (The IDEA does not have contracts with the EOPYY, insurance companies or funds).

We also call our partner clinician (physician, paediatrician, etc.) to examine at home, if requested by the patient.

Finally, we have permanent cooperation with a special unit for imaging tests at home (x-rays and ultrasound).

For the Care-at-Home Service and any relevant information call the above numbers all 24 hours all days of the week.



Listed below alphabetically all the tests that are considered urgent and answered within 2 hours of taking the sample   [Inside bracket synonyms]:

- Amylase (blood or urine)

- Bilirubin

- Calcium blood (total)

- Chloride

- Complete Blood Count (by automated analyser)

- CPK [CK]


- Creatinine

- CRP (qualitative)


- Human chorionic gonadotropin [HCG]

- Flu (virus detection from the nasopharynx)


- Monotest [Infectious mononucleosis test]

- Potassium [K]

- Prothrombin time [INR]

- Sodium [Na]

- Sugar [Glucose]

- Troponin I (qualitative)

- Transaminase AST/SGOT

- Transaminase ALT/SGPT

- Urea

- Uric acid

- Urinalysis